Smart IR Remote – AnyMote V4.6.9 Cracked APK {Latest}


Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Cracked APK

Smart IR Remote – AnyMote Cracked APK is the only IR remote universal app for Android that you’ll ever need: it’s smart, the best device coverage of all android remotes (900000 devices, with more added daily), and it’s the only one that makes use of features only your phone/tablet has, that a plastic remote (like the Logitech Harmony) never will. As IR remote controls go, especially android remote controls, you’ll never find one better.

What’s new?

New Location permission: we don’t need nor care about your location, but Google requires it for all apps that want to use Bluetooth 4.0 LE. For any concerns, please email Google.
  • added color support for LifX & Hue
  • IR Blasters now get backed up
  • Beta support for SystemLine over wifi
  • added back Global Cache support in Settings -> Global Cache


  • GESTURES: Swipe, tap & hold to change channels, volume, etc. – it’s all configurable!
  • MUTE/PAUSE ON PHONE CALL: Smart Remote can now mute your TV, pause your media player, or even switch them off, all of that when your phone rings
  • MACROS: Group commands in batches, and then execute them automatically one after the other. Imagine being able to turn your TV, Xbox and surround system on, switch TV to HDMI 1 all with a single tap! Smart IR Remote – AnyMote Cracked APK
  • AUTOMATED TASKS: Automatically execute commands or macros when certain conditions occur: your phone rings, at a time chosen by you, when you use your phone’s Volume Buttons. It also has Tasker plugins! Smart IR Remote – AnyMote Cracked APK
  • WIDGETS: With widgets, you’ll have your favorite commands just a tap away when you grab your phone. Need something even better? read on
  • FLOATING REMOTE (CHATHEAD): The floating remote is a remote that stays above other apps which can be shown with just a single tap and lets you send commands even while you’re playing a game on your phone Smart IR Remote – AnyMote Cracked APK
  • BACKUP / RESTORE: Make a backup once and then restore on all your other devices
  • RECORD REMOTES: Exclusive to the HTC One due to hardware limitations in other devices


Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Cracked APK Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Cracked APK

Download Link

Smart IR Remote – AnyMote V4.6.9 Cracked APK (13.8 MB) | Mirror


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