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ZD Soft Screen Recorder Cover

ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a high-performance screen recording software program. It works just like a real camcorder. A real camcorder can record many real-world things including computer screen, while ZD Soft Screen Recorder can only record computer screen but can do much better than a real camcorder on screen recording because software screen recording is crystal-clear, pixel by pixel, 100% true color reproduction, non-interfering, no shaking, and no noise.


  • A quick tool for creating a how-to video in minutes: If you want to show someone how to do something on a computer, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to write step-by-step instructions any more. Just turn on ZD Soft Screen Recorder, do the things you want to show, everything happening on screen will be recorded into a video file.
  • An easy tool for downloading online videos to your hard disk: The internet is full of various kinds of online videos today. Sometimes you may want to download your favorite videos for review at any time without an internet connection. Some websites may provide the ability to download their online videos via their own apps, but some may not.
  • A good tool for recording online courses/lectures/meetings: Have you ever come across this kind of situation – when you are attending an online course/lecture/webinar/meeting, you get another urgent thing to do and have to leave your computer, you may miss the part you are absent.
  • A powerful tool for recording PC gameplay footages: The graphics of PC games are getting more and more stunning today. Some PC games’ graphics may even look more gorgeous than blockbuster movies. Have you ever wanted to share stunning gaming graphics or your wonderful gameplays with your friends on YouTube? ZD Soft Screen Recorder will help you with that.
  • A handy tool for streaming live screencasts to the internet: Online live video broadcasting is getting more and more popular today. Live gameplays and live webcam shows are the most popular content. There are a few software tools that can help you capture and stream your screen/webcam to internet video websites such as Twitch, YouTube and etc.


ZD Soft Screen Recorder

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